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Why Club Chairs are So Popular

Posted on December 22, 2014 by Timothy L. Jones | 0 comments
Why Club Chairs Are So Popular

You’re probably not furnishing a 19th century gentleman’s club, but you can borrow a piece of their history for your next decorating project. Victorian furniture makers were the originators of the club chair. In the quest for enhanced creature comforts they added arms, padded backs and seats, and even matching ottomans to improve the sitting experience and the club chair was born.

Today it offers unparalleled comfort and style to almost any room. No longer are club chairs found solely in gentleman’s clubs, hotel lobbies, airports, libraries and upscale offices. They are gaining popularity and you’ll find them popping up in the living room next door, the study down the street, in your Auntie Alma’s bedroom and even Brad the bachelor’s media cave.

If you haven’t yet experienced the delight of collapsing into the waiting arms of a welcoming club chair, then maybe it’s time.

Not only can the many style options of the contemporary club chair add a distinctive decorator touch to any study, a living room, bedroom, den or media room, the comfort of the right club chair is unsurpassed and, dare we say, can become somewhat addictive.

If you’re shopping for a club chair today, you have a veritable smorgasbord of choice – you’ll find them with traditional and contemporary lines, some are rounded, others more square, some are overstuffed, some come with big bold arms and others with slim petite ones. They’re available in a rainbow of leather and fabric options to suit any décor, with many in mocha, chocolate, tobacco and burgundy. Some club chairs swivel, some recline and some come with matching ottomans. Some look better in pairs, while some demand to sit alone.

Like a good friend, club chairs are comfortable. They maintain a balance of strong, soft and welcoming. They offer you a supportive hug and they’re always there waiting for you whether you want to sit back and relax, enjoy a celebratory drink or an animated conversation. And like the best of friends, they know when you need to be alone to enjoy a good book or simply drift away for a few moments. With a reputation like that, it’s no wonder the club chair is so popular.

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